TrÉsor Loyalty Program

The Property Buyers's
Rewards Club.


Welcome to TRÉSOR - a privilege affiliation crafted by UEM Sunrise.

TRÉSOR is designed to bestow an assortment of lavish rewards upon UEM Sunrise property owners. From delectable lifestyle offerings to exquisite dining privileges, there’s always a new experience waiting to be indulged in with TRÉSOR.


Utterly desirable, the diamond card presents the best of TRÉSOR.


The Diamond card - a first class statement of unparalleled privileges, perfect for the jet setters, the connoisseurs of the superlative and the citizens of the world.


This exceptional affiliation is reserved for TRÉSOR members with ownership of properties worth over RM8,000,001 in accumulated value.

Get used to getting indulgent at your whim and fancy.


The Ruby tier complements the lifestyles of purveyors of the most exquisite tastes and those with a keen appreciation of life’s finer things.


Reserved for TRÉSOR members with accumulated property ownership values between RM3,000,001 to RM8,000,000.

Tailored for the discerning and those with a love of discovery.


Make the everyday extraordinary and relish what the TRÉSOR Topaz card has to offer; an affiliation tailored to treat you to more of the things you love, more often.


Exclusively for TRÉSOR members with accumulated property ownership values between RM1,000,001 to RM3,000,000.

Rewards for all, privileges for all. enjoyments for all.


Precious moments and indulgent experiences are enhanced for you and those closest to you with the Jade card. This rewarding affiliation is presented to TRÉSOR members with property ownership valued between RM300,000 and RM1,000,000 in accumulated value.

Frequently asked questions.

1. What is UEM Sunrise privilege card - TRÉSOR?

The TRÉSOR card is designed to reward customers who have purchased properties from UEM Sunrise Berhad commencing from Sale and Purchase Agreement (SPA) signed date of 1 January 2005 onwards. The eligibility will be reviewed at the sole discretion of UEM Sunrise Berhad without any prior notice.

2. Who is eligible to become a TRÉSOR member?

Individuals, joint-purchasers and corporations who have directly purchased properties from UEM Sunrise Berhad.


For joint-purchasers, the membership is limited to the first two names stated in the SPA and both card holders will be accorded equal value of the property purchased.


For corporate purchasers, the membership card will be issued to the company with two nominees as representatives for any loyalty programme initiatives (UEM Sunrise Berhad reserves the right to request the latest Form 24 & Form 49, and any other supporting documents for verification purposes).

3. Would a purchaser be entitled to membership if the property was bought through a sub-sale transaction?

A sub-sale purchaser will not be eligible for any TRÉSOR card membership.

4. How do I become a TRÉSOR card member?

You will be awarded the TRÉSOR card membership upon payment of the first 10% of the purchase price and signing of the SPA.

5. Is my membership upgradable?

Yes. Your subsequent property purchase will be added to raise the total accumulated value. Once the total exceeds your current tier, a new TRÉSOR membership card will be issued accordingly based on your new tier.

6. Is TRÉSOR card membership transferable?

TRÉSOR card membership is not transferable and privileges are only accorded to the TRÉSOR members.

7. Is my membership transferable to my immediate family members?

TRÉSOR card membership is not transferable to any member of your immediate family.

8. Can spouses combine the values of their separate or joint purchases?

Spouses are not allowed to combine the values of their separate or joint purchases as the discount for single or joint purchase is offered on individual basis only.

9. In the event of theft, loss or damage, can I request a replacement card?

Yes. You will need to request a replacement card by contacting UEM Sunrise Berhad via 1800 888 008 or email to